Friday, January 16, 2009

Small Towns

You know you're from a small town when:

  • you hear a siren and stop working to see which way the ambulance/fire truck/police car are going;
  • the door to the garage of the funeral home is open and empty and you wonder who has died;
  • you stop to watch planes fly over;
  • you hear CareFlight and worry about who might be in it;
  • you run to the grocery store to buy 1 thing and stay an hour because you were talking to everyone in the store;
  • you are walking for exercise & everybody stops to see if you need a ride somewhere;
  • you pull into the drive-in & they bring your drink before you order;
  • you know the car in front of you is turning on a certain street without them giving signals;
  • people call for directions to the courthouse & you tell them it's in the middle of town. . .can't miss it. It's between the 2 red lights;
  • people call asking for someone who's name you don't know & they tell you they just moved to town from the country & work somewhere in the courthouse & you give them the right name & number;

Small towns have their disadvantages, but sometimes the advantages are greater.

All of the above have happened to me.

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