Thursday, January 15, 2009


I love potatoes! They are a staple in my menu. Fried, mashed, baked, scalloped, raw, you name it & I love them. My favorite baked potatoes are at Red Lobster. I love the salt on the outside of the skin.

Grandma Kinney made the best potatoes. Boiled with milk and butter added to them after they're done. Sounds easy doesn't it? Nope, no one has ever made them taste the same as the ones she made. It must have been her love she added that made them so good.


Son said...

maybe i'm just too young to remember correctly, but i think memaw makes them pretty darn close to hers.

Julie Polk said...

Isn't that funny how there are some things that just no one can make like your grandma. I think you're right. It's that love they put into it. I hope my granddaughters remember me like that.

Sara Libbey's Jewelry said...

Potatoes and Grandmas.. what an awesome combination! Now I want a potatoe.. and my Grandma!