Thursday, January 22, 2009

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool at Jacksboro was built the same year I was born. Mama & Grandma Kinney would take my cousins and me there in the summer. It was a 45 minute drive one way. It's where Sandi & Sonya learned to swim. Sonya worked as a lifeguard there during high school. My grandchildren went to the kiddie pool.

Now it sits empty & closed forever. It needs repair that the city feels is too costly. Laughter mingled with the splashing of water will no longer be heard there. It's sad and lonely, but still hopeful that one day it will be loved again.


Julie Polk said...

That is sad. I remember Gloria used to take me there to swim too. The city really needs to figure out a way to fit that in the budget. Maybe the citizens of Jacksboro can all get together and put a iittle pressure on the city council. Someone should suggest that the city would probably be willing to sacrifice doing away with some of the annual events held there for a few years in order to get the funds appropriated to the city pool. Oh boy, now I am starting to sound like a politician. Who knows maybe people will all set up a special account for the "pool project", there are alot of good people out there that would probably make some donations to the cause.

Jackie said...

I too think Gloria took me to the swimming pool. They need to fix it up. The big pool that used to be out on the old Iowa Park Road has closed up too, Sand Beach. It used to have a lot of people going there, and then we used to go to Westmoreland Pool also and it is also gone. I guess they think so many people have pools in their yards now that they don't need them, but not all of us have pools. I wouldn't go if they did have one fixed up, but I would like to have one in the backyard.

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Son said...

yes, indeed it is very sad that the city won't fix it up so the kids have something to do. it is so hot there in the summer, and there is absolutely NOTHING to do. that was just about my only form of entertainment unless I was at dawn and misty's where they had pools to swim in. plus, a good summer job for athletes to stay in shape over the summer.