Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

Happy New Year to all! This year looks promising, I haven't spent hours sitting on the throne! My reign is over as Queen of the Porcelain Throne, I hope. It has been a rough week. Behm was nice enough to share a virus he got before Christmas. He was sick for that week & then I got it Saturday afternoon. A stomach virus plus colon problems does not make for a good week, but it does make one weak. I still have my tree up & it hasn't even bothered me one bit. As far as I'm concerned, it may be a permanent fixture in the corner . . . until I get to feeling better anyway! Have enjoyed catching up on everyone's posts!


Julie Polk said...

Yuk,sorry to hear your sick, that's the worst kind of sick. Lee is catching a cold but other than that we are ok. At least you can't blame it on my dressing because #1 you didn't come and #2 we didn't have it for our Saturday get together, we had fajitas, enchiladas and tamales. (Now I bet that just turned your stomach, sorry...) Hope you get to feeling better. Love you..

Jackie said...

Feel better soon. You need to call me sometime when you are coming to Wichita and we will go eat or something.