Monday, January 12, 2009

Smoke in the Air

We went to visitation last night in Denton. When we were leaving there were fires (all we could see was smoke) in all directions from the house. Makes you worry about leaving, but at least I didn't have to worry about Behm going to fight fires.

This picture is from a fire last year north of the house. Low humidity and high winds again today. Hopefully, there won't be any fires today.

Before Behm & I were married, there was a huge fire in Clay County that burned a lot of acres. I was driving up to see him & before I got to 4 Corners there was smoke across the highway. I kept on going, but I know better now. The smoke was so thick you could not see anything. I just prayed there wasn't anything in front of me. I could feel heat on the window and looked over to my left & there was fire at the side of the highway...only 1 lane of asphalt between us. I will never drive through smoke again. Lesson learned!

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