Tuesday, January 20, 2009

44th President

In the late 1940's or early 1950's, Daddy worked at a gas station that was next to a cafe that was open all night. One night, an African-American family came & asked if he would order hamburgers for them at the cafe. Daddy ordered for them. You see, in those days African-Americans were not allowed in cafes.

Today we saw a great moment in history! The inauguration of the President of the United States, Barack Obama! I know he will be noted in history as the first African-American to become President, but I wish our past had not made this moment a big distinction. I wish President Obama would be known as the 44th President, regardless of his race.

My family is made up of many races. My hope is that the days of prejudice against all races, religions, or sex are over. I pray that no one will ever have to face prejudice against them as that family who only wanted something to eat.


365 Letters said...

Thank you for sharing such a moving personal story. I so hope that this historic moment is an indication that our country is, indeed, moving in the right direction and that everything I've been taught in my life is true. That, in this country, anyone can achieve anything they strive for.

Son said...

One of my favorite stories from Pepaw...I can always feel the emotion he felt as that young boy when he tells that story. I am so proud that back then when it would have been acceptable for him to treat them poorly, he did the right thing. He is such a great man! I do believe that this is the start of something big in our country and the true beginning for those who have suffered injustice to heal and have a chance at true equality!

Julie Polk said...

Praise God. As you all know I am married to a black man, I have two daughters of mixed race, a spanish son-in-law and 2 granddaughters, one 1/2 spanish, 1/4 black and 1/4 white, the other is 1/4 black and 3/4 white. Those little girls love us so much and we love them even more. We see no color in our family. Everyone is welcome in our home. Lee was born in the day when you went to a department store and he couldn't drink out of the water fountain because it said "Whites only". I can't even imagine how devasting that could make you feel. He said the inaguration speech really brought tears to his eyes. I know that people have judged me over the years because I chose to marry a black man but anyone that gets to know him realizes he is just a man. I know in the end I am only accountable to one person and that is the Almighty God. You know our little granddaughters do not even think about skin color. I know one day they will realize there are people of all colors but I also know that they will know that ever one is equal, because that is what we practice in our family. I just hope that people can get past their old beliefs and not jugde the man by the color of his skin. I feel that no matter how people cast their votes, he is now our president and everyone needs to give the man a chance and support him. I think it makes God really sad that people can't get along just because they look a little different. I remember when I was a little girl, my Aunt Dolly taught me at Bible School and she taught us that the shortest verse in the Bible is "Jesus Wept". Maybe on Tuesday the world put a smile on his face. God Bless America and God Bless you.
Much love,