Sunday, January 18, 2009


I went shopping yesterday and it was a good day! The first place was an estate sale. I got this jacket & a shirt. Not sure it's me or if they fit, but both have Neiman Marcus tags. Maybe they will sell on ebay.

All of this came from that same sale.

  • 3 boxes of old color slides
  • a vintage splicer for movies
  • a paperweight
  • stamp holder (which is already in use)
  • 3 sets of playing cards (yes, I already have a suitcase full, but they were only a quarter!)
  • bookmarks from China that are made of bamboo
  • zebra purse (which is going to be my camera case)

Total cost: $10.00!

I thought that was a good sale until I went to the next one. A school was having a fundraiser and I hit the jackpot there!

  • 3 picture frames
  • 2 vintage framed religious pictures. They were sold for fifty cents to raise money in the sixties. I have one similar that I sold to Grandma Kinney around that time.
  • 1 Santa
  • Hallmark wall hanging with the cutest little girls on them. To Etsy it goes!
  • Cross-stitch & embroidery kits, unopened
  • 4 metal things with 1945 coins in the middle. Not sure what they are, but thought I'd take a chance on them.
  • 13 books. Some of them are old school readers with great illustrations.
  • The first item I picked up is my favorite though. See the little guy in the middle of the picture? That's none other than Ric Flair of WWE fame! I think I'll keep him.

Total cost: $10.50.

I must have been in a buying mood because I went to Penney's next and bought these. I have been looking at that shirt for months & it was the only one left in those colors.

Total cost: $22.00.

After all that shopping, I decided to get my haircut. I usually don't buy that much stuff in one day, but I guess I went a little crazy! Spending all the money I'm going to save by not smoking before I even start saving it.


Son said...

I'll take the bookmarks and the playing cards. You did hit the jackpot and those new clothes look really cute. I'm so glad you are taking care of YOU!

Jackie said...

I saw those sales in the paper and started to go, but I just hate to go places by myself. We ought to go together some time. I bet we would have a blast.

Wes and Leah said...

I love estate sales as well as auctions and flea markets! They are so addicting and I seam to buy more than I need. Really I buy nothing I NEED but its so fun! I love the rick flare, awesome!