Wednesday, March 4, 2009


When I was putting out the trash can today, I started thinking about how things have changed...even trash. When Mama was younger, flour was purchased in cloth sacks that were reused for making dresses. Most everyone canned cans to throw away, just reuse the jars for next year. Most table scraps, if there were any, were used to feed the farm animals. Grammy used to mix the scraps with something (I don't know what it was) & feed the wolf hounds. Bread was homemade, no plastic bags to throw away.

I remember when I was younger, we had to burn our trash and Mama was always afraid of setting everything on fire.

Cattle feed comes in paper sacks now. Grandpa Kinney bought feed in tow sacks (burlap). Every summer my cousins & I would clean out the barn & stack the sacks. Then we took them to Windthorst where they bought them back & we split the money. All of us, except Ford, usually spent ours the first time we went to town. If we wanted anything else, he shared his money with us. If Ford had money, we all had money! Maybe I need to call him & see if he would still share!

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365 Letters said...

Isn't it kind of sad?!? We try at our house to reduce our trash as much as possible. We always want to reuse what we can, but everyday life gets in the way, and it's easier to put it in the trash can. Stephens County doesn't have recycling for us rural folks, so we save up what we can and haul it to Abilene once a month or so.