Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Sonya!!!

Today is my baby's 33rd birthday! You have always been an independent person and wanted to do things by yourself even when I thought you were too young. Whenever we went on vacations, you were always the one who met other kids. You never smiled much when you were younger, more on the serious side. There aren't too many pictures of you because you didn't like having your picture taken.

Your independence and ability to meet new people have been a big help in living away from family. You are still serious, but with a wonderful sense of humor also. Oh and you smile more now.

Sonya, I have seen you grow and mature into a beautiful and loving young woman. You are a wonderful Mom, wife, sister, granddaughter and daughter! I am very proud of you and you will never truly know how much you are loved.

I know things haven't been perfect, but life seems to interrupt fairy tale endings. We just have to write new endings that fit our lives and try to make them turn out for the best.

Roses are pink,
Daisies are white,
Sometimes life stinks,
But most times it's right!

Thought you were going to get by without my famous poetry writing this birthday, didn't you?! LOL!

Happy Birthday Sonya!! I love you!!

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