Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Sandi!!!

Today is my first born child's birthday. When you arrived on the scene, I thought you were mad at the world. You had a big frown & cried a lot. Now you always have a smile, sometimes even when you're crying on the inside.

You have a great gift of getting along with everyone & you have always stood up for the underdog. You always want to make sure everyone has an equal chance in life.

You have always been a list maker & would plan our vacation down to the last detail. Who knew you would still be making lists?

You were always trying to teach your little sister things, even how to take a bath. I should have known you would become a teacher. You hated track and didn't like to run, but have become a runner since your high school days. You liked the Gong Show, Richard Simmons, & the Galloping Gourmet. You still like to exercise and make food look pretty...even though you don't like to cook.

You are a beautiful & wonderful daughter, Mom, sister, granddaughter & teacher. I am very proud of you & all you have accomplished.

Life has thrown you some curves, but you have overcome them & become a stronger person. Keep on smiling!

Roses are yellow,
Lilacs are purple,
Today on your ?? birthday,
Stay mellow!

I love you very much! Have a Happy Birthday, Sandi!!


Jackie said...

I remember coming over to Olney one time to see someone in the hospital and I think it might have been you. Do you remember if it was?

Midway Records said...

No, I don't remember. I have several cases of amnesia though, it could have been. Grandad was in the hospital over there several times with his heart attacks.