Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pass the Salt Please

These two salt & pepper shakers were Grandma Kinney's. I also have the bread box that matches.

These belonged to Behm's grandmother. It also has a toothpick holder that is in the last picture.

The 2 brown ones were Grandma Kinney's. The yellow ones, Behm & I dug out of his Grandmother's burn barrel. She passed away before we were married & hadn't lived at that house several years before she died. The creamer is broken on one side. The cat was Mama's. One of her legs is missing.

I remember Mama, Daddy, Grammy, Grandad, Gloria & I visiting Grandma Pipes in Illinois. Aunt Mary, Grammy's sister, lived down the street from her & she had hundreds of salt & pepper shakers. It might not have been that many, but I was younger & had never seen that many before. I've often wondered what happened to them. I hope someone is loving them as much as I love mine.

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Cher said...

I had an aunt in Illinois that had a million of shakers too. I loved visiting and dusting them. She probably loved that too...less work for her!

The Texas Woman