Thursday, March 26, 2009


Electricity is a wonderful thing! Shortly after 5 this morning, the electricity went off. I didn't realize how dark it is without all the little lights that are normally on . . . alarm clocks, television, computer, refrigerator. I stumbled around until I lit some candles and could find the flashlight and my camera to take pictures. Isn't taking pictures the first thing you think of when the electricity goes off?

It's foggy this morning, so no moonlight & without the security lights outside it was dark. No water because the water pump runs on electricity. No cooking because the stove has an electric starter to light the burners.

I don't know how people read without electric lights. We have handwritten court papers from the 1880's in the office & I never thought about the people having to write those by kerosene lanterns or by candlelight until now. I thought I had it rough with our fluorescent lights blinking on & off at different times of the day. I'll be more grateful for what we have.

They got the problem fixed about an hour later & I'm thankful for the people who work for the electric company. I don't think anyone would have wanted me to go to work without a shower!


Son said...

It seems so dark out at your house with electricity...I can't imagine how dark it is without it.

Jackie said...

A real photographer is sort of like a real cowboy. One sleeps with his boots on and the other sleeps with her camera around her neck.

Cher said...

When we lived on the farm, we kept flashlights on each side of the bed, a habit that's carried over to city life. I like what Jackie said!

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