Sunday, March 29, 2009

Auction Goodies

There were 2 auctions in Henrietta yesterday. I went to one & they cancelled it due to the weather. Not enough crazy people like me showed up to buy things.

The other one was at a church that has built a new sanctuary & they were selling everything they didn't want along with the salvage rights to the church. No, I didn't buy the church, but would have loved to have had the old tin ceiling tiles, stained glass windows, & all the beautiful woodwork. The windows & tiles were already sold, but I'm sure I couldn't have afforded to buy them. Plus, it would have taken a huge ladder to take it all down & I'm scared of heights.

Anyway, I did manage to buy a few items & resisted more. I bought a table full of silk flower arrangements, baskets, a small Christian flag, games, craft items, & a food processor that looks like it has never been used.

After I came home & unloaded all these treasures, I went to Wichita Falls to the Adult Literacy Council book sale & was in heaven! Books everywhere & not enough time to read them all. I did get 6 new hardback books and these 2 old ones. I just love the graphics on them.

It was a pretty good day, despite the cold wind. One of the scarves I bought last week came in handy because I wore that to cover my ears. I really didn't look like a fashionista, but staying warm is more important to me than looking great!

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Cher said...

Thanks for showin' us your loot! Weather here yesterday was cold and windy so I didn't get much at garage sales myself. Today was in the seventies. Hang in there. Warm weather is comin'!

The Texas Woman