Monday, June 15, 2009

Saturday's Finds

There were tons of garage sales Saturday in Wichita Falls. I only made 4, but found some goodies at those.

Brand new set of queen size sheets for $4.00 and 2 Santa stamps.

Crafting and decorating books.

Western themed material and metal advertising sign (not old).

If you go to garage sales often, you will find that some of the things for sale are always at another sale. This weekend it was decorating and crafting supplies. Last weekend at Henrietta's city wide, there were 3 places that had huge bird cages and 2 with WWE dolls. It was really hard to pass up on The Undertaker and those bird cages would have been perfect for steel cage matches. Another great deal missed!

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Cher said...

You know I'm jealous of the cowboy material! LUCKY!

The Texas Woman