Tuesday, June 9, 2009


About 2 weeks ago, Behm talked me into buying a hummingbird feeder. I've been wanting one for awhile, but kept thinking I would find one at a garage sale. Yes, I know I'm cheap. Anyway we've been watching and waiting for hummingbirds to appear and after about a week one finally did. I questioned my formula for the nectar because there wasn't much gone. Saturday morning we had two. I named them Lloyd Ruby & Danica Patrick.

Yesterday morning, we had a third one show up. She was bossy & kept trying to keep the others off the feeder. I named her Danica. I changed the other one's name to Mario Andretti.

I'm not a big NASCAR fan, but named them after the drivers because they fly into the feeder for a pit stop & quickly zoom off again like race cars around the track. I hope more show up, but I will need to research race car drivers for more names.

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Jackie said...

I had a couple earlier, but have not seen them in a while. They say to use 1/4 cup sugar to 1 cup water and it can be clear (some of that you buy is colored red). I refilled mine the other day out back, but haven't seen any hummers. I have a bush that will have big pink flowers soon and they love that, so I am hopeful that I will see them again. I love to watch them.