Thursday, June 11, 2009

Perils of Veggie Woman

What do these 3 things have in common?

One reason I was reluctant to plant a garden was because of snakes. I could just imagine all the snakes hiding under the plants, waiting to bite me.

I always wear my orange cap in the garden, mainly to keep my hair out of my eyes & away from my face so I will have a clearer path of vision so I can see the snakes before they get me. I always try to look before I reach in to pick the squash.

Tuesday afternoon was cloudy & I reached in to pull a squash & I hear a noise. I immediately jerked my hand back, said a few choice words, stood there shaking like a leaf, looking for a snake. Not finding one, I moved on to the next plant, still shaking, and hear that noise again. This time I realized it was the bill of my cap rubbing against the squash leaves! I'm still looking for snakes, but I am now wearing a bandanna!


365 Letters said...

I understand! I'm always hearing noises that I think are snakes. It might be a cicada or the water sprinkler, but it has been a rattlesnake on a few occasions.

Son said...

I know the neighbors think I'm crazy because I'm always yelling while working in the yard. It usually is something similar to your hat. I just freak myself out with my 'magination about what might be lurking under all that foliage.

Cher said... eyelashes sweeping your pillow as you blink, thinking it's footsteps in the leaves...

The Texas Woman