Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Scary Night

Grammy & Grandad lived in the country at Squaw Mountain. Their house was the next-to-last house on a dead-end road.

When I was about 8 years old, my aunt (age 14), cousin (age 11) & I stayed home from Wednesday night church. The church everyone attended was probably 2 miles from the house. There wasn't any phone at the church, no cell phones, & no way to communicate with our parents.

We were brave. We were big girls. What could possibly happen to us? We would be okay for 1 hour...at night. . . .in the dark country. . .alone . . . right?!

After everyone left, we turned on the T.V. Did we watch something safe, funny or educational? Of course not! We started watching THE TWILIGHT ZONE!

The episode starred William Shatner (before Star Trek fame). He was traveling in an airplane in a thunderstorm. Every time he looked out the window he saw a Thing on the wing. He called for help, but of course when other people looked nothing was there. He finally closed the curtain, but he kept trying to fight off the urge to look again. Finally, he couldn't take it any longer, pulled the curtain open & the Thing's face was pressed against the window!!

We all screamed & turned off the T.V.! I don't remember staying alone at Grammy's again!

THE TWILIGHT ZONE marathon was on T.V. about a month ago & this was one of the shows I watched. Even 40+ years later, I was saying "Don't open the curtain! Don't open the curtain!".

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