Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I had high hopes Saturday. I had the whole day to stay at home. No running around Wichita, no cooking, no auctions. I was going to clean THE ROOM!!

When Behm & I married, he had a 4 bedroom house. Now we have 2 bedrooms, 1 office, & 1 huge walk-in closet (otherwise known as THE ROOM).

No, we didn't move. I'm a pack rat! I collect lots of things, but I don't really know what I have because most of it is in THE ROOM somewhere.

I love old records, books, paper items, games, Christmas decorations, anything that is a bargain at auctions, etc. They all end up in THE ROOM.

I have sold a lot of items on eBay. My girls love to go shopping here. Everything is free!!

Anyway, back to cleaning. I had a plan. Clean one corner at a time. In the corner is a huge wooden toy box filled with record albums. That's where I started.

I moved them into another room to sort through them. I did throw a lot away, kept some to record to CDs, & some more to try to sell.

Now I had this big empty box that needed something in it. So I emptied a plastic container of games & put the games I wanted to keep in there.

But then I had these other games I wanted to sell. I wanted to empty the container so I could get rid of it. What to do with the games to sell? Throw them in the toy box & hope I get back to them? Yep, sounds like a plan!

Next, I found 2 boxes of 8 track tapes. I started recording them. Of course I had to listen to them.

Then I started recording albums. Songs don't last very long when you're trying to work between songs. After running back & forth for a while, I finally gave up.

No - - not recording albums. Cleaning! Now instead of THE ROOM to clean, I have 4 rooms to clean!

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I think this may be the best solution I can come up with!

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Now I can't see all the piles of junk!

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Son said...

I can completely relate. I guess I come by it honest as Pepaw might say. I tend to move things around and reorganize rather than really getting rid of anything. Having two kids makes it even more difficult as all of the little toys that come with a gazillion parts get lost in "the toy black hole." I wish I could come "shopping" more often, but then again, I might end up with one less bedroom too!