Friday, October 17, 2008


Yesterday at lunch, I went to the local drive-in & tried to use my card. It was denied. I thought I still had credit, so I tried to check the balance & it was denied. I paid for my order & went back to work & checked the balance on-line. The amount had been deducted from my account. Well, that ticked me off!

I called the drive-in & began explaining to the manager that my card had been denied. He interrupted & said none of the cards were working. I then told him the amount had been charged to my card. He told me to wait a few days & bring in the receipt & I would be refunded. Bull-s**t!!

After work, I stopped & asked for the manager. I explained again what had happened & he proceeded to tell me none of the cards were working at any location. I showed him both receipts & he stood there & looked at me a while. Finally, he said he would give me a refund.

I drove away with $3.23 in hand & felt like I had won a major victory! Normally I would let something like this pass, but I was not going to pay $6.46 for a sorry Jr. Burger & Coke. I can use the money to buy 2 Cokes today!!

1 comment: said...

What gets me is that you were also out the time and inconvenience of having to drive back. So. Annoying.