Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I loved this movie, but had problems with the fact that Olivia Newton-John had to change from good to not-so-good to get her man. Maybe it was because I was raising two girls & didn't want them to get the impression that women couldn't stand up for themselves & be who they wanted to be to get what they wanted in life.

Apparently they got the right message, because they both are independent thinkers & stand up for what they believe in. I'm very proud of them!


Son said...

Yeah Mom, that's why I had such a rebel streak in me...it was all those inappropriate movies you let us watch! ha ha! If Richard Simmons didn't traumatize us, then how could anything else we watched be harmful.

I never knew that you were worried about us watching movies as innocent as Grease, but now with my Tween daughter, I find that I am worried about the same things. She watched The Goonies this weekend and I forgot about all those potty mouth kids in that movie. Oh well, you can't keep them locked up...I'm sure she's heard it come out of my mouth before.

I remember watching all those Hitchcock movies with you. I think we spent every weekend trying to watch all of them. And then we watched The Exorcist together and talk about traumatizing. That was probably the worst one ever! Good memories!

Midway Records said...

I was such a good Mom wasn't I? I couldn't remember the name of the character Olivia played until after I posted. What a dunce!!