Sunday, October 19, 2008


Want to see my garage sale purchases from yesterday? Sure you do!!

Of course, I can't resist books. This book has some great vintage pictures of western women along with stories of their lives. Just leafing through the pages makes me realize how easy I have life now.

This rooster is on a block of cork. I think he matches the bread box I have of Grandma Kinney's. I'm going to try to find a frame to fit.

I thought this was something else, but liked the picture. I guess I need to get my glasses changed.

Old wedding dress pattern. May try to make a card with the images.

Cute paper coasters of Santa! Another project to do.

I also bought a basket, some small frames for projects, WOMEN'S DEVOTIONAL BIBLE, & an old white porcelain coffee pot that needs a lot of cleaning. Total purchases: $4.05. I love bargains!

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