Friday, October 31, 2008


Once upon a time, not so long ago, there lived an old couple, Andy and Ura Mann. Ura had loved Halloween since she was a little girl. Every year she looked forward to the children trick-or-treating. But every year no one came. Ura thought & thought about what to do.

She said, "Handy Mann, (at Halloween, Ura developed a strange speech defect & everything that began with the letter A had an H added to it.), we must do something to make the children visit us this year." Andy went to his shop & began working. He worked long into the night, hammering & welding. When he was finished, Ura still wasn't sure this would bring the children.

Ura told the children, "This Halloween will be special. Wait & see!" She walked away, laughing mysteriously.

When the children heard the news, some were excited and gave directions to others.

Some were afraid and hid under rugs,

and even tried to hide in trees.

Others were shocked,

but some grew tired of waiting & went to sleep!

Ura said, "Handy, in the past I have bought pencils, raisins, toothpaste, and happles and no one visited us. What can we do?"

Ura visited their neighbors and asked their advice. She asked the father, but he couldn't hear her. She asked the mother, but she couldn't see her. Finally, she asked the daughter, but she couldn't speak. Ura was sad because the No Evil family - - Hear, See, or Speak - - could not help.

The night before Halloween, Andy was having a bedtime snack. Ura shouted "Handy, that's it!! You have given me an idea that will guarantee the children to visit us this year!" Ura smiled and said, "Thank you, Handy!" "Ura welcome!", Andy replied. Ura ran to the store and brought home:


There was a long line of children at the Mann home this year. It was a very Happy Halloween!


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