Monday, October 5, 2009

Smokey Bear Ride

Joy VFD had a Smokey the Bear Bike Run this weekend. There were 60 riders that descended on this small quiet community Saturday. Great photo op!

I had been taking the back of the motorcycles with all the flags and stuffed animals strapped to the back when I walked around to the front of a few and found these!

Lots of ornamentation on these things! I found the one I want, as if I would ever have the nerve to get on one, but if I did I think this would be the one!


Son said...

Oh sure Mom, I can just see you on that thing. You couldn't go over 30 mph or the wind would probably just blow you right off of it.

The Texas Woman said...

A biker is an odd specimen, isn't he or she? All hard shell on the outside with a soft chewy center...sort of like candy. At least the ones I know.