Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Here's my new home

and windmill!

Not really, but aren't they wonderful? These were at the National Ranching Heritage Center in Lubbock. We planned to get there when they opened at 10, but my navigational skills and map reading ability made us a little late. We could see the windmills, but had a hard time finding how to get to them. But we finally made it and it was great!

They had a spur collection we wanted to see and the hostess greeted us and told us all the exhibits on one side of the building were closed because they were preparing for a directors luncheon later. I asked if the spurs were on that side and of course they were. Behm told her we had driven 400 miles to see them and she told us to go ahead and view them because they were removing them for a new exhibit. After that we went outside and walked through the exhibits. Two couples started after us & finished a long time before we did. I love old buildings and windmills, so I was in heaven! I told Behm I was a cheap date...take me to an old building and I'm happy!

While trying to find the ranching center, we saw the CBR truck parked outside of one of the buildings at Tech. I ordered tickets for that night and it was great also. I can't handle live events though, too much to try to look at. I would be watching the screen to see what was going on in the chute and miss part of the ride. We didn't get back to the hotel until midnight which is a very late night for us!

Saturday afternoon we went to the Buddy Holly Center after my map reading skills failed again. It was full of memorabilia & was worth the frustration of trying to find it. I think next time I need to drive & let Behm read the map.

After that we looked for the Buddy Holly Statue, map reading failure this time! We ate lunch & went back to the hotel room. Sunday morning we finally found the statue before we left town. We drove by it at least twice Saturday & didn't see it. The restaurant where we ate lunch was about a block from it. It was quite a distance from the Center, but they are moving it across the street from the Center.

We had a fun weekend and all the people in Lubbock were very friendly and helpful! The weather was perfect Saturday for outside activities. Despite my lack of navigational skills, the town was easy to drive around in without huge traffic problems. There were a couple of more places we would have liked to have seen, but didn't want to wait until after lunch for them to open. We might have to go back there again!


Son said...

Looks like quite an adventure for you two! Glad you had fun! Any chance Oregon is in your future adventure plans? I would drive you around!

Jackie said...

You should have called us and we could have taken you around. All we did was sit at the hospital all day. The break would have been nice.