Thursday, April 30, 2009

Remembering Grandpa Kinney

Grandpa Kinney was born on this date in 1901. I never remember him having black hair like in the picture above. In my lifetime, he had white hair and always smoked a pipe. I can remember coming home from school & knowing Grandpa & Grandma had been there by the sweet smell of his pipe tobacco. He always smoked Prince Albert.

Grandpa's chair was always the one we ran to sit in when he left the house, but as soon as he walked in the back door we jumped out of it. I don't remember him getting on to us for sitting there. We knew that was his place and we only borrowed it for a little while. I remember after he died, it was hard for me to sit in his chair. It was a place of honor in my eyes and I didn't want to show disrespect to him.

He always wore a khaki shirt & pants. No other colors & the shirt had to have 2 pockets. No frills for Grandpa.

During the summer when my cousins & I stayed with them, we would go every morning with Grandpa to check the cows & goats. We all loaded up in the back of the pickup & off we would go, at a blazing speed of maybe 30! I now know why he drove so slow. It took becoming a grandmother myself before it clicked.

The only time I remember Grandpa scolding us was when we were coming back from Windthorst after selling feed sacks. We were in the back of the pickup & Jan & I had waved at some boys. The boys would drive behind us for a while, pass us, & then pull over so we had to pass them. This went on for a little while until Grandpa pulled off the highway, got out of the pickup, & told us not to wave at anyone again! If someone followed me like that today, I would be scared to death & call 911.

Grandpa was always standing at the door waiting for his kiss goodbye. He was a quiet man and used his words wisely. He didn't have a lot to say, but you knew you were loved by him.

I'm quiet like he was. I hope my grand kids will know how much I love them, like we knew he loved us. I love & miss him even to this day.


Cher said...

A very nice post. Magazines are going out of business because they didn't realize readers want articles like this, which we'd gladly pay to read, instead of the junk they published.

The Texas Woman

Julie Polk said...

That's a nice tribute to him. He was a nice man. God Bless him..