Monday, April 27, 2009

The Light Wasn't On

Behm & I went to an auction Saturday. Behm got a few tools.

Since I didn't buy anything Saturday, I went to another auction Sunday & bought several treasures. None of which I went to buy. Bidding got a little high for old cheapie me. I've kicked myself since then, wishing I had gone just a little higher.

The wind was blowing (like it has been all year) and it looked like it might rain, so I had already carried some things to the pickup which was parked about a block away.

After my last purchases, I moved the pickup closer and instead of making 2 trips I thought I could do it in 1. I only had 2 boxes so 1 trip should do. I carried a large plastic container with my treasures, aka Junk, & dragged a large cardboard box full of more treasures. I could have spent less energy if I had taken 2 trips.

After I got home and unloaded everything, I looked at the plastic container. It had wheels!!! I was carrying the rolling container while dragging the other. I know someone was watching me & thinking that poor woman needs to go home & stay. Sometimes I really amaze myself!


Cher said...

I didn't even see you and I'm laughing. Sorry.

The Texas Woman

Midway Records said...

That's okay Cher! I'm still laughing thinking about how I must have looked!

Julie Polk said...

That's too funny!!

Jackie said...

Maybe the bulb was just a little loose. That happens to me sometimes. Uh, oh! The word verification for me to send this to you is comet, now that's funny!