Friday, April 10, 2009


Fires were raging all around us yesterday. Low humidity plus crazy strong winds made things perfect for these fires. There were several around Bryson, north of Jacksboro, west of Windthorst & others all around. Lake Arrowhead, Bellevue, and parts of Jack County were evacuated. Sandi called when she got off work & said there was smoke in Fort Worth. I don't know if it was from Jack County or all the other fires around.

This was smoke from the fires near Bryson which is 15 miles away from where this picture was taken. I heard there were several homes destroyed over there.

I left work and found out I couldn't go home the way I normally do. TXDOT had Highway 148 closed and told me the highway to Bowie was closed and also the one to Windthorst. I had talked to Behm & was pretty sure there weren't any between Jacksboro & Windthorst and Mama & Daddy were at Windthorst & couldn't see any smoke that way, so I headed toward Windthorst. They went to see if the highway was open & made it to Windthorst. There were 2 road blocks. The first one said I couldn't get through to the highway I needed and should go back to Jacksboro. The second one said I could make it & I met Mama & Daddy at Windthorst. They went back to Jacksboro & I headed east to home. It was clear all the way.

This warning sign was outside of Windthorst & you can see how smoky it was there.

Behm & I went to check on a well after I got home & this was the fire west of Scotland, about 20 miles away.

I talked to several people from Jacksboro later & there were several homes destroyed in Jack County & the fires were still raging last night. One lady I work with said two fires missed them, but they were packed & waiting to see if the third one was going to get them. I haven't heard anything this morning, but I'm hoping today will be a much better day for everyone.


Son said...

I have cold chills looking at those photos. I'm glad everyone is safe. That must have been scary!

Jackie said...

James was working for Frank Wolf between Windthorst and Archer City and he said the fire was only a short distance from him. He said they had Hwy 25 closed but he thought he could go toward Archer and then come up 79 and make it home. He was told there were a few houses burned down between Scotland and Wichita Falls. I guess I will have to take a road trip and do some investigating. They were really bad. I feel sorry for those people. I understand the people at Lake Arrowhead are still not allowed to go home. I have never seen anything like this.

365 Letters said...

I'm glad the fires weren't too close to your home. I was thinking about you last night and hoping you were safe. We had several fires in Stephens County yesterday, one that came within a mile and a half of our house. I work and Graham but live in Breckenridge. I had to rush home the back way to get to my daughter after school. I think they closed the road I took later. They had the road to our house closed until about 7:30 last night. My husband stayed at the house, planning to stay there until he had to leave. Fortunately for us, the firefighters kept it from threatening our home.

Midway Records said...

I'm glad everyone is safe. You don't realize how many people are involved in protecting you and risking their lives too. Firemen, dozer operators, electric company, law enforcement & highway department personnel should all be commended for the jobs they do.

Lauren said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting. Thanks for the compliment too!

Those fires look awful. I'm glad everyone is safe too. I agree, the service people involved do not get enough credit for what they do.