Thursday, April 9, 2009

Garden Update

Our onions are looking good, tomatoes & peppers survived the cold, but our potatoes look sick. They were really pretty until the cold and then some of the leaves turned black. Now some of the leaves are dead. I don't know what is wrong with them. The one thing I can enjoy out of the garden may not make it until harvest.

Yesterday we planted corn & more tomatoes & pepper plants. Some of the green beans have already started peeking their heads out of the ground, little beets, but no carrots or zucchini yet.

The only thing that's really growing is the length of the rows.


Son said...

sounds like the taters are dead...just replant it's still early. isn't good Friday your typical planting day down there anyway?

Midway Records said...

I think it's too late to plant potatoes. They are supposed to be planted in February. Some of them still look okay.

Cher said...

Weeding garden rows was punishment on our farm when the boys were home. Helping harvest was reward! I think that's also why they eat their veggies - the old put-one-in-the-sack, eat-two trick. As long as they were eating them, I didn't care when!

The Texas Woman