Saturday, April 25, 2009

Remembering Grammy

Grammy was born on this day in 1910. She was only 15 when she married Grandad. They were married for 50 years when Grandad passed away.

Grammy was short, maybe 5'1", give or take an inch. I remember when we would play dress-up, I was so excited when her shoes finally fit me. I was probably 6 at the time, she had tiny feet! She always wore high heels and a dress. I guess the heels were to help her reach things in her cabinets better.

Her closet was my favorite place to go in her house. Opening the door and finding stacks of catalogs to look through was always like finding a treasure chest. She not only had the usual Sears and Montgomery Wards catalogs, but Spiegel, National Bella Hess & lots more I can't remember the names of now but were full of items I thought would be wonderful to be able to buy. Spiegel was special because it had an actual fabric swatch in the bedding section. I'm sure I wore it out touching the rich fabric every time I was there! Someday when I'm rich, I'm going to buy one of everything in Lillian Vernon's catalog whether I need it or not!

Grammy played the piano at church and only 2 of her grandchildren inherited that ability from her. Not me, but I remember playing "I Dropped My Dolly in the Dirt" on her piano. I'm sure she was ready to run out of the house screaming when all her grandkids were pounding on her piano, but I don't remember her ever getting on to us.

I inherited her stacking ability. If there is a horizontal surface in my house it is stacked with magazines or papers. Her dresser was like that.

She got her driver's license after Grandad had his first heart attack when she was probably in her sixties. I can't imagine trying to do that now.

Grammy passed away in 1995 after suffering with Alzheimer's for several years. She has been missed.

Grammy may have been little, but she was a big woman in my eyes. I loved and admired her very much and hope that I have her strength and courage to face things that may come in the future.


Jackie said...

We had so much fun as kids. I too, loved the catalogs. And I guess I am one of the two that took the piano trait with me. One time at church they asked me to play and I was so nervous but I did it. When I got up to the piano it was the same brand as Grammy's and I knew the Lord was telling me to follow in my Grammy's footsteps. I have some of her old music books and I treasure them. I am not so nervous to play at church anymore and sometimes I even sing a special. I hope she is proud of me. I am sure she is proud of all her grandchildren. I love you Grammy.

Cher said...

Can you imagine what we'd tell a fifteen year old today if she wanted to marry? Of course, times have changed. Nice tribute. I bet your family enjoys your blog. I know I do and I ain't related!

The Texas Woman

Julie Polk said...

She was the greatest Grammy a person could ever want. If I can only be half as good as she was to my grandkids I will be glad. I wonder where she got all of that patience? You know that would have to have been nerve wrecking having all of us there at one time. I remember her always worrying if she had made enough food for lunch after church. We had enough food to feed and army. My greatest childhood memories are going to stay with them. Yes, we would get out the Monkey Wards catalog and find a picture of a dress and she would make it. She would have been 99 years old if she was still here. I have the same picture you have on your post on an old milk can. I will try and get a picture of it and post it to my blog. I feel kinda sad right now thinking of how she ended up not knowing us, it's really heart-breaking. Happy Birthday Grammy!! We all know you are having a great time and you do remember us now. We'll see you soon.
From all your grandkids and greats and great-greats you are the GREATEST of all~~