Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I'm a worrier. I worry about things happening that might be a million to one shot of ever happening, but I still worry about them. The roof of the courthouse falling in on me and snakes waiting to jump out of nowhere & bite me are just 2 of the many off-the-wall things I think about. I try not to worry, but I guess it's in my genes. I get it from my Daddy! I told him I was going to mow Sunday. Here is a list of things he told me:

  1. Don't get your feet under the mower.
  2. Look under the seat for a snake.
  3. Don't get your hand under the mower.
  4. Make sure it has gas & oil.

I had thought of 1,3, & 4, but not 2. I was just worried it might be sitting on the seat, never thought about it hiding under the seat! Thanks for the warning Daddy!

We both need to follow the advice of this sign I found at a garage sale.

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