Monday, August 31, 2009

My Other House

My other house where I have spent the majority of my waking hours has 3 floors, a basement, 9+ bathrooms, 37+ rooms, marble walls in the hallways, stairs, an elevator, and the entire top floor is an old jail.

In this house, my two daughters have grown from beautiful babies to beautiful women. I've seen them graduate from high school & college and I have been divorced, become a mother-in-law, remarried, become a step-mother and a grandmother while living here.

From an 18 year old mother to a 55 year old grandmother, these walls have been the one thing that hasn't changed. Oh, I have changed offices, but the solid walls have been a constant of my life. It has lots of history stored inside and a big majority of my history has been here. Sometimes I get tired of seeing it every day, but I really love this old courthouse!

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Son said...

Reading this makes me think it's time for you to retire!