Monday, May 4, 2009

Pain in the *** Back

This is the way I've been getting around the last few days. I woke up Saturday morning with leg cramps, later had stomach cramps, & then it moved into my back & will not move out. I'm staying home from work today to see if it will go away with rest.

Why is it when you aren't feeling well you see everything that needs to be cleaned and when you do feel okay you don't do anything about it? Is it just me or is everybody that way?


Jackie said...

I agree with you. I hope you feel better. I have been up and down the ladder all morning and down in the floor working on the bathroom remodel. I will probably sore all over tomorrow.

3 veehills said...

hi brenda,
i am totally with you here. i have been getting out of bed on the "wrong" side for the past couple of days and all that needs to be done, is undone, could possibly need to be done, is weighing heavily on me.
i am feeling ticked off at the slightest unjust (in my eyes) and feel like i need to join a kick boxing class...i know this is all due to HORMONES...but still, it is the way i feel. i hope you feel better soon...i know feeling this way is making me crazy!

Welcome! said...

Mother has a friend that is a nurse. She told Mom when one suffers with cramps they, generally, are dehydrated. After learning this, I have made it a daily practice to drink more water throughout the day. If I do get leg/hand cramps, I drink water - usually 12-16 ounces, or more. In 20-30 minutes my cramps are gone. When I was younger - much younger - I got cramps once a month. Don read to talk calcium for cramps - so, I did. My cramps would go away in 20-30 minutes. Now I wonder, was it the calcium or the water that relieved my cramps? I'm thinking it was the water! As far as back pain - I am fortunate that the only time I have suffered with back pain is when I have done something "young" now that I am an "old!" (My granddaughter refers to adults as "The Olds"!) Perhaps this will help you in knowing this, Brenda - Or, someone else you share it with. Love you, Jeanne