Monday, May 11, 2009

Look Closer

I went to a garage sale Saturday & while I was sitting in the parking lot talking to Mama on the phone, a pickup pulled up next to me. The woman got out & left her dog in the pickup. He looked so sad & pitiful I had to take a picture.

The entire time I was talking to Mama I noticed this dog never moved from that spot. I finally realized it was a stuffed animal! I think I need to get my glasses changed! Just another goofy moment in my life.


Cher said...

Too funny! I'm glad you didn't call the police on her for leaving an animal in a hot car. That would have been embarrassing!

The Texas Woman

Jackie said...

I saw a thing on tv one time where a guy had a blowup doll in his pickup.

Julie Polk said...

You do have some goofy experiences don't you. That is too funny..