Friday, May 22, 2009

Lighting the Way

Continuing my tour of the courthouse, we're going to shed a little light on the subject. Look up!

Hallway lights on the 4th floor. This floor is unused except for storage and as you can see there is a huge hole that needs to be repaired.

District courtroom lights.

Detail on district courtroom light.

Light covering outside front door.

The next time you are in an older building, look up & maybe you'll see some great light fixtures or maybe just boring fluorescent lights. No loss, you stretched those neck muscles a little bit & it might help that pain in the neck you have...if he looks up too.


Julie Polk said...

You are as crazy as the rest of us. I was hoping someone in the family would be ok but now I'm starting to re-think..ha..

Cher said...

You made me dizzy!

The Texas Woman