Monday, February 9, 2009

Born to be Wild

With the weather being so dry here, we have to check the tanks or ponds (as everyone calls them now) to make sure there is still plenty of water for the cattle to drink. We being a figurative term because I usually don't do this, but Saturday Behm & I went.

This meant riding on the 4-wheeler. I was a little leery of this because I have only ridden one other time. . . with Daddy several years ago when I was younger & not so afraid of broken bones. I was fairly certain that Behm would be more of a speedster than Daddy too. I bravely got on, said a quick prayer, & held on for dear life! I told Behm to warn me if he ducked to miss tree branches because I had my eyes closed. When I opened my eyes, we were at the springs that Buffalo Springs was named for.

Then we were transported to the moon! Not really, but these huge rocks are on this pasture & they are different from the usual sandstone rocks I'm used to seeing. They remind you of tombstone rocks, but are more pebbly (is that a word?).

Here I am after the ride. It was really a fun trip and Behm was a pretty safe driver!

The most important part of riding 4-wheelers is to dress properly. Must haves for every ride are a cap, long sleeve shirt, glasses to keep the dirt out of your eyes, & the ever important zebra stripe bag to carry your camera!


Jackie said...

You look so cute in your ball cap.

Julie Polk said...

I love 4 wheelers. We (as in Lexi) has a pink one and we (as in Alyssa) has a purple one. We take them to the drag races with us so we don't have to walk so far and then we sometimes just get them out and ride them at our shops. I think I realized what I have been missing though by looking at your blog. I need a zebra stripped bag. Thanks for your helpful hints..