Thursday, February 5, 2009

All in the Family

This is Behm's grandmother (playing the organ), aunts & uncles. They were a musical bunch. Ronnie (Behm's son) has the organ now and we have the stool.

She passed away before I became a part of this family. Every year at their family reunion, she & her sisters would dress alike. I knew her 3 sisters and they continued that tradition.

Aunt Hay, her sister, was an inspiring woman. She had both legs removed because of diabetes, but that didn't get her down. She crocheted dish cloths, coasters, house shoes and other items to give as door prizes at every reunion. Her handmade items were the first choice for everyone.

Their mother was blind and continued to carry on all the household chores without any problems.

Behm's mother will be 80 this year and is more limber than I am. She has COPD & is always working on knitting or sewing projects.

When Behm has a day off, he is "antsy" if he isn't busy working on something. I guess it runs in the family!

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365 Letters said...

That is a great photo! How wonderful for your family to have it, as well as the terrific stories to go with it!