Monday, December 15, 2008

Santa Claus

I'm a collector of many things. Santas were my first collection. I wasn't going to put them out this year because I was being lazy. Sage needed a prop for a report he was doing for school & I got my Santas out looking for one. With each one I unwrapped old memories of where and when I got them. I had missed them! So up they went...not back in the closet for another year but out where I could enjoy them for a few days!

A mantle full of Santas of all sizes, shapes & colors!

Wooden Santas on a shelf!

These were bought the first year we went to South Padre!

Hard plastic Santas. One on broken skis & the 2 that are alike were in stockings from Santa on the fire truck at J'boro when the girls were little.

I guess Sandi really started me on cowboy Santas! She gave this to me in 1994.

I still believe in Santa!!

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