Monday, December 22, 2008

Early Christmas Presents

2 weeks ago Mama had a mammogram. They called her back that afternoon & needed her to come back in for another one because there were some places that needed to be looked at closer. She had another mammogram the next day & had a biopsy done on Thursday. The results came back today & they were benign! We all got an early Christmas present! Tears of joy instead of sadness were shed today & prayers of thanks were said.

The same day Daddy called about the mammogram, my uncle Jack had problems with his heart & things have been scary for them as well. He's now home & doing better!

Also on that day, my cousin Danny had a heart attack & was sent by Careflite to Harris Hospital. Things were touch and go for a while with him, but he had a pacemaker put in & he is now home & recovering!

Lots of prayers have been answered in the past 2 weeks! All will continue to be on my prayer list.

Things look a lot brighter tonight than this time last week!

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Son said...

Thanks for posting this Mom...I was going to make mention of Memaw, but didn't know if it would be ok and now that I read about everyone else with health scares I'm glad I let you do it. These are the true things that we have to be thankful for around this time of year!