Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More Santas

These Santas are very happy! They make me smile when I see them.

Everybody knows Santa likes to dance to a jukebox with a drink in his hand! Don't know if this is before or after he's made his rounds!

Santa & his Coca-Cola!

Olympic torch runner Santa, climbing the chimney Santa, & the one on the left is actually climbing out of the chimney. He really looks like he's using the bathroom. All those cookies & milk got to him I guess! Hope it's not in your chimney!!

Edit* He's on the right! Still don't know my left from my right. Didn't have my wedding rings on when I did this post!


Son said...

LOL! That is too funny! I never realized how many Santa's you had...guess I was too busy counting the presents under the tree making sure Sandi didn't have more than me!

3 veehills said...

i love the santa's! they are all so unique and lovely. i am so happy they talked you into getting them out this year. :)