Sunday, January 16, 2011

Superstitions or How to Win at the Casino

People watching can be a fun experience, especially at a casino!  Most have their own superstitions and tricks to try to win at the slot machine.  They include rubbing or tapping the screen, hitting the buttons a certain number of times, and then there are the others. 
There is the writer.  One guy writes on the screen each time after he spins.  I still haven't figured out what he is writing, but he takes great pains in writing whatever it is.

Next is the Sneaker.  One lady walks away from the machine, turns, jumps back & hits the button.  I guess she's sneaking up on it.

My favorite one is the guy who plays the "Lucky Ducky".  After he hits the button, he quacks at the machine!

What tricks do I use you ask?  I do rub the screen when it spins and have even played "Duck Duck Goose" with the Lucky Ducky.  Do any of these help me to win?  Not yet, but I just haven't found the right combination.  Maybe I need to try the sneak attack, then quack, & finally write on the screen at the same time. 

With my luck, I would win the Big Jackpot at the time they were hauling me away in a strait-jacket!

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Son said...

Oh Mom, I can just see all of these characters doing all this now in my head. I tried to find my winning combination of things in Vegas but had no luck. Mine mainly consisted of hitting the buttons a certain number of times or choosing to pull the crank instead of letting the machine do it for me.