Saturday, January 1, 2011


Last year I attended several funerals.  Some were family, some friends, some old, some young.   At one of these, a message was told that struck me deeply and continues to this day in my thoughts.  A simple thing that most people probably know, but I had never even considered.  The message was:

"You are God's gift to the world.  You have an effect on different people throughout the world by your actions and deeds."

Wow!! The Whole World!!  I always thought of being a gift to your parents and grandparents, but had never considered that the world would be affected by me.  Simple minded me, I know. 

From this seed, I hope this year I grow to be a better gift to the world.  Be kinder, more patient, more caring, more giving.

Happy New Year Everyone!! I love you!

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