Monday, January 31, 2011

The Reason

Before Christmas, Mama was telling me about when I was little and pinched my finger in something and she had to take me to the doctor in Jacksboro to get it lanced a couple of times before it healed.  Christmas Eve I asked what I was doing to get it pinched.  Daddy had the car jacked up to change a tire and I put my finger in the jack for some unknown reason.  We were laughing about it and Sass said she couldn't believe Daddy would let me around when he was doing that.

I was brilliant child.  I threw a piece of metal in the landed on my head.  I climbed the windmill tower when I was first walking...Mama had to climb up & get me down.  The bottom rung was removed.  I stuck my head in a gate pretending to be in jail...couldn't get my head out until they bent the pipes to get me out.  I was breaking Coke bottles and cut my finger badly...still have a L shaped scar to remind me.

Now we know the reason Daddy has always been overly cautious about telling us not to do don't stick your finger in a jack, don't walk with your hands in your pockets when it's icy, etc. He learned with me he had to tell me things not to do or I wouldn't have survived.

I've almost made it to 57!  Thanks Daddy!

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3 veehills said...

oh brenda! you were a handful :)
tobin has the same L shaped scar, for the same reason.
you have a very sweet and charming daddy. i'm glad to know him.