Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winter Wonderland Again!

Latest Thursday snow day. This is how it looked at 7:00 this morning.

What the weather forecasters were saying was going to be a little slush quickly turned into 7-8 inches of snow!  Small flakes and then huge flakes and they are still coming down as I write this.

I don't remember this much snow in one winter and I've been through a few winters!  Only 5 more months until July!

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Son said...

I seriously think this has something to do with us moving further west. I know that makes absolutely no sense to anyone but me, but I do. We are here in the 50's with a mix of sun, rain, clouds, fog and green everywhere and you guys have the climate we lived with for almost 8 years. Really though it is just easily explained by El Nino.