Monday, February 22, 2010

Peeping Woody!

We had a Peeping Woody during the last snow.  I took several pictures before he/she flew away.

Look at that beak!  I was afraid it would start pecking on the window & break it.  Not a good thing, since this window is on the north & I really didn't want snow & cold wind blowing into the bathroom. 

The weather guessers are saying we may get a dusting of snow again tonight.  The last dusting was 8 inches!  Will update you later tonight on the final count, if I can get back home from work through the dusting.

1 comment:

Son said...

hope he's not pecking a hole in your house like those pesky one's in Fort Collins. I used to go outside and throw rocks at them to make them go away. I'll be posting on my blog later...actually have something blog worthy!