Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Gift for Me

I bought myself a Christmas, birthday, valentine, Mother's Day present.  I've been wanting a Kitchen Aid stand mixer for a long time now and never could bring myself to spend that much money on something just to cook with.  Christmas baking finally convinced me I needed something else.  One cheap-o hand mixer & one garage sale stand mixer thrown in the trash after trying to prepare simple cookies was the final hint I needed to let go of my thrifty ways.

I couldn't wait to use it and couldn't decide what to make first.  The first thing was a coconut pound cake.  The next week I really put it to the test.  Homemade yeast rolls, bread & chocolate meringue pie...all in the same morning! 

It is great!! I'm afraid I might get roly-poly if I keep fixing the bread!  Good stuff!

1 comment:

Son said...

looks yummy! i don't think you need to worry about turning into a dumpling though.