Thursday, November 5, 2009

Same Name Blues

When I was growing up I always looked for my name on things to buy. You know the little license plates & hair barrettes you find at amusement parks and variety stores...I could never find my name anywhere. All my cousins names were there, but not mine.

When I moved to Jacksboro in high school, there was another girl with the same first & last name as mine. Our names always had our classification after them... Soph. & Junior.

After my divorce, my ex married a woman with the same first name as mine. Then I was #1.

Now after almost 13 years with a different last name, it's happened again. Someone with the same first & last name as mine was in the paper for getting an occupational driver's license. Usually these are for people who have gotten a DWI & need a license to drive to and from work only. We didn't see it, but Behm's boss asked him about it the other day. Subtly of course. First he asked what an occupational driver's license was. A little later he mentioned I was in the paper for getting one. Behm assured him it wasn't me.

Everyone around here has been wondering why I haven't driven the new pick-up. I guess now they think I didn't have a license! So for all of you who might have read that article, it wasn't me!

Any suggestions for a new first name that no one else has?


Son said...

What is with that? That is too weird! Maybe you should have been more feminist and kept your maiden name.

Midway Records said...
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Midway Records said...

Glad to see you are connected again! Hadn't looked at my comments lately, but missed your input.