Monday, November 16, 2009


Today's technology is great! With a touch of a button you can see and hear what's going on anywhere. In the 1930's or 40's, Grandma Kinney's sister and her family moved to California from Texas. The only way of communication was by letter. Now Sonya and her family are in Oregon & a phone call or a click of the mouse keeps us in touch.

When Sandi was in college at Stephenville, which was in the 90's, our main source of communication was by letter. Occasionally, there would be phone calls. Cell phones were too expensive to own then.

Sometimes the technology gets above my head, but I'm thankful for the giant steps we've made in communication!

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Son said...

So weird that you posted this...I was just talking about Grandma Kinney's sister who moved to Cali last night and how I must have some of her adventurous spirit in me. I said these very words about how the letter was the main form of communication at that time. We must be communicating in even more advanced ways!