Wednesday, January 11, 2012


The last two days have been rainy and cold.  I haven't got to walk in the mornings and miss it.  Maybe today won't be raining, but I think it's going to be cold.

I walk in the cemetery.  There's not a lot of traffic in the morning, but at lunch you have to watch for cars all the time.  I don't know what everyone is doing out there at lunch.

Most mornings all you hear is the traffic on the highway.  People rushing to work and school.  It's such a contrast to the cemetery.  So quiet and no traffic.  Occasionally I will see deer in the pasture beside it.  We both stop and stare at each other.  I'm sure the deer are wondering what this crazy woman is doing.

One day at lunch I went to walk and locked my keys in the truck.  Luckily I had my phone and called for help.  Two police cars arrived to rescue me.  The traffic that day was busy.  I'm sure they were wondering what big crime I had committed in the cemetery!

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Son said...

I wonder who all is watching you while you walk...