Sunday, January 1, 2012


New me?  I hope to start this blog going again.  I've missed it.

2011 in one word - dry.  Most of the year was spent getting water on places that didn't have water and getting the water wells going that hadn't been used in many years.  Selling cattle because of no grass or water.

Behm and health issues.  New lifestyle changes for both of us.  No smoking, fried food, less beef, more fish and chicken.  I love fried fish, but still have a hard time eating baked fish.

Sass & John's wedding in November!  Very sweet and windy!!!  Sage was best man, Sonya matron of honor.  Teary eyes for me.  Sass wore the same dress Mama wore 59 years ago when she and Daddy married.  Grandma Kinney made the dress.

Seeing Sonya, Joel, Mia & Julian at wedding!  Miss seeing them more often.

Grateful for a year with my family and a new beginning for all of us!

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Son said...

What a special day!