Friday, July 17, 2009


I think there is an illness going around and I think I have it. Double TB...Too Busy To Blog! The symptoms are infrequent blog entries, no pictures, no comments, slower traffic on site meter. I'm not sure why the media hasn't warned us of this spreads around.

Sorry for the lack of posting, but really haven't even turned the computer on at home since Sunday & only then for Grandkids! Work has been really busy. We are scanning all the old divorce files and there are several things in these I will post about later. I know you can't wait, can you?

I'll try to post more later. Stay tuned!

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Cher said...

Double TB - Darling disease you thought of. Laughed my you-know-what off. I have Double TB too.

Thanks for the prayers and thoughts the last couple of days. Very appreciated!

The Texas Woman